Four Ways To Play Unlimited Games On Your Cell Phone

Cell Phones and Gaming Today

Many people, particularly adults with no time on their hands, tend to believe that games are not the ideal way to use a cell phone. In fact, they might be seen lecturing cell phone gaming enthusiasts about how impractical it sounds. However, considering the fact that the cell phones of today come with huge RAM storage – with some modern phones going up to even 8 GB – it becomes very apparent that phones are no longer meant only for calling and texting. As a result, around 43% of smartphone usage today is for gaming making it 3rd most popular category, while around 50% of the global games market is taken over by the mobile gaming industry.

As a result, in the scenario of mobile usage and the specifications of cell phones today, it is not only a practical option but also one for which mobile manufacturers make such powerful phones.

Avenues for Games

So, then when the phone is specifically made to give such remarkable performance on a game, why not use it to play the game? So, realizing this intense trend of gaming, several avenues for giving people access to these games are also available. To make it easier for you to find such avenues, here is a list of 4 ways to play unlimited games on your cell phone:

Unlimited Gamez mo:

As the name suggests, Unlimited Gamez mo is a website for an unrestrained gaming experience. The most impressive part about this website is that it gives you a gaming experience free of any pop-up ads or in-app purchases. Moreover, you get to enjoy a diverse range of games from educational to action to adventure to mystery, and so on. There is no genre of gaming that you cannot find at Unlimited Gamez mo.

All it takes to make the most out of this gaming platform is a minimal subscription fee with no hidden charges. You can get your subscription directly from your cell Phone by clicking the “subscription” tab on their website. You can pay directly through your SIM carrier, and the payment can be made from your SIM too. This means no extra trouble to get your subscription paid every week. In case of any troubles, you can contact their customer service support or reach them through email to sort out any queries whatsoever. This makes Unlimited Gamez mo one of the very best platforms for unlimited games.


Download-free-games is yet another platform for an unlimited gaming experience. It not only caters to cell phone games but also mobile games that span several different categories. Compatible with both Android and iOS, these games are always free and are available for all age-groups. However, you will not find any categorization by age and will have to make the special effort to sift through all the games on the website to find the most relevant ones for each age-group.

Moreover, you will have to download each game to play it. Advertisements will also be perpetually interrupting your games if you have Wi-Fi connected in the background. However, the amazing part about this website is that you will find a rating out of 10 with each game in addition to a game description. This rating marks the quality of the game, including its graphics and gameplay. So, you can make the right choice of the game before you actually try out the game.

Getjar: is another website that allows you unlimited access to games in several different categories. Unlike the other two platforms, however, it is not predominantly a gaming site. It also includes several different applications that include social, productivity, entertainment, finance, and so on. One of the most visited of these categories is the wallpaper and theme categories, but the gaming category is not far behind.

Any games from getjar need to first be downloaded onto your phone and installed before you could play them. Although you can find descriptions of the gameplay of most games, you will mostly find rip offs from the most popular games on this website. Moreover, there is no guarantee of an ad free experience of games downloaded from getjar and in app purchases might be constant trouble. But all in all, getjar is a decent option for an unlimited gaming experience.

Play Store Games

An alternative to using the above-mentioned websites is to use the in-built store on both Android and iOS. These app stores often form the de facto method of downloading any sort of applications on a cell phone. However, a great drawback of all the games downloaded from the app store is that almost every game will have character unlocks that require in-app purchases. Most of the times, these purchases may not even be available in your country, and you could not entirely get that gameplay.

Furthermore, a great proportion of all applications, including games are paid for with high prices attached. As a result, although most people might download from here, they may not complete the entire games because of the impending purchases. For most users, the gaming experience may also be hindered by excessive advertisements during gameplay that completely spoils the fun of gaming.

What Is The Perfect Way?

Where many people tend to give a straightforward answer that only the play store is the right choice, the fact of the matter is that several of the most popular games are not even available on the play store. So, website such as Unlimited Gamez mo presents a great alternative for a better gaming experience.

However, the perfect choice for a platform for unlimited gaming is always subjective, with some people having ease of download as a priority. In such cases, people may use the play store while others might rely on websites. In some cases, where the play store may not be accessible because of geographical or operating system considerations too, the website platforms may be much more useful. The quality of games will also be a huge factor.


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