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Flying Umbrella


While viewing some posts on my Twitter account, I caught a glimpse of this post from Digital Trends. It’s an umbrella that follows you wherever you go. The umbrella is a hands-free drone and umbrella hybrid. The umbrella is controlled by an app and has three modes- manual, follow me and stationary.

I think I’d like to have this umbrella too. How about you?

Just another amazing product inspired by Artificial Intelligence.

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  1. The following me function for drones is really interesting. A drone umbrella that follows you would be incredibly cool.

    Thanks for sharing this – my only frustration with this type of technology is the reality of battery life, I doubt this can stay aloft for more than 25 minutes. Someday we will get batteries that will last!!!!!

    • I think the inventor of this is still polishing the app. I hope they introduce it to the market soon. There are many things to consider, like what if it is windy? or does it needs internet in order to work? Thank you, Gloridaze for dropping by.

    • It’s truly amazing to have this kind of umbrella especially if you are bringing a lot of things with you that you don’t know anymore which hands to use to hold the umbrella. Thank you for dropping by, Kim.


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