Flight learner Robot Glider like birds

The flight of birds is also an imprint for us in the 21st century, on this base, the experts have made a robot glider which will use artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) and will record many secrets of birds flying.

San Diego’s specialists have made a glider to research on the fleetless flights on the birds, in which modern computer is installed. During the gliding, the robot glider ¬†wind will fly to itself and change in height and will also learn the flight from birds.

Its arm is surrounded by two meters long and it can fly continuously for 15 hours, Its specialty is that it search for heat in air by its  thermometer. The warmth of these hot winds is called thermal and birds flying in hieghts uses this hot winds and flying in the circle for long time with shaking wings.

Due to its special algorithm, the glider keeps the moment and controlling itself and similarly like birds fly in a circle by thermal. The birds find the thermal waves of hot air during thousands of kilometers flying due to their special capabilities and fly with out shaking wings and meanwhile, they rest and collect their energy again. similarly some birds fly thousand of kilometer continuously.

Experts believe that the research of this glider will help many birds in flight, migration and protection.


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