Five Bare Metal Server Facts Small Businesses Need To Know

There are certainly many hosting options available today for the small and large scale business. Earlier the only proper web hosting options available to the marketers was dedicated hosting which of course came with a heavy price tag that took away hosting opportunities for the small time marketers for whom affording the cost wasn’t too easy.

With so many options available today, web hosting has gradually increased and made a dignified place in the life of every big and small marketer. Although there are various dedicated and shared web hosting availability that businesses have in front of them today, the bare metal server hosting has its own superiority over the other forms of web hosting platforms.

Due to its reasonable pricing and flexible controlling options, it has become the favourite amongst the small business marketers. These small businesses might have opportunities in collocated servers, onsite servers or public cloud hosting as well, but choosing bare metal servers for their hosting needs is an informed choice that they must make when choosing between the options.

And why they must do so, we will discuss that here in this article below. Have a look at the positive aspects of including bare metal hosting for scaling your small business

  1. They are fast– well, to keep pace with the fast-growing world you ought to be fast too! With a lagging network, the performance of your website lags too. Likewise, when your website slows down it is likely to send back the visitors who come looking for your products and services in your website. And when customers return without looking at them, it can be the reason for a huge loss in your trade when you are a small time marketer. So, a fast working web hosting server is very much needed for every small business and bare metal does exactly the same for you!
  1. They are flexible– this is one important reason why small businesses benefit from bare metal servers. They have a varied range of configuration that can be well customized as per the requirements of the marketers. They have powerful servers which consist of abundant gigabytes RAM and a huge number of processors to take up everything that small businesses would like to throw up at them. Even if you run out of your scaling needs, you can add extra servers to fulfil your needs.
  1. They are scalable– even though you are tagged as a ‘small business’ today, it is not that you won’t make it big in the industry. And as much as your business grows, the web hosting needs also increases. With flexible scaling options, bare metal servers come up with providing you with the best scaling features that you may need when your business starts growing!
  1. Can be availed with windows OS– today there might be several operating systems that are available with modern and developed computers but most people today are still familiar with the Windows operating system. So, a web hosting server which is compatible with it is always a plus point for businesses to use and to function properly. And it is reason enough why small businesses refer it over other hosting options.
  1. Availability of server management– it is not easy for every individual marketer to manage the server well. It requires some knowledge as to how the functioning and security matters can be taken care of! But with the bare metal server, most of it is handled by the server vendor only and thus, small businesses need not hire people for that; the reason why they prefer it over other web hosting servers!


It’s not easy to run a business and gain profitable returns. It requires a lot of patience, hard work and strategized planning for executing a successful business planning. If you are a startup, you would obviously want to cut down your expenses (or investments) until you reach a position where you see major profits coming back to your way.

It is true that a few decades back there was no such huge competition in the form of online and offline markets and in terms of expanding the reaches between people; thanks to the digitized world!

But it is also evident that due to this overwhelming digital developments, the cost of many things has come down which have helped small businesses immensely to grow and expand. One such low cost, business-friendly and a user-friendly hosting parameter are the Bare Metal Server.

It does not only provide you with a low-cost web hosting server for your growing business but also has every required potential to be on your priority list. From being ideal for windows operating system to being flexible in functioning, you get it all when you choose bare metal hosting server for your small business; make an informed decision while picking up one!


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Written by Eric Foley

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