Facebook; not for me – 6

I was in a different situation.  My friends all knew me by a nickname, and so I had joined in the nick name.   I didn’t give my address because at the time I joined I was somewhat in transit.

I wound up being incredibly lucky.

I’ve read warnings about using your real name or email address.  I’d used my nick name as ‘everyone’ knew me by tat name.  I had a side email addreess I used just for Facebook, so never check it..

I guess, accidentally, I kept my Facebook life separate from my real life.

Further, I  never post my business.

Politics, social issues, jokes, articles I wrote or enjoyed, I post.   Not much else.

Although I’m not very computer saavy or was that aware of the dangers of Facebook, I was just lucky.


What do you think?


Written by Chef Lee

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