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Facebook – 'Friends''

The disconnect with reality is magnified on the Internet.  So many people today have no life, no real opinions or ideas.  They log on in a state of blind innocence.

Many people will talk about having “Five Thousand Friends on Facebook!”  

They have never met these people.  They have no idea if they are real.  Not merely if Timmy is an 18 year old who lives in New Jersey, not a 58 year old woman who lives in Atlanta, but if there is a human being behind that identity.

For example, many corporations, as well as scam artists and hackers,  have the A.I. create hundreds of accounts which race from A – Z on Facebook making friend requests.   This is not done randomly, as the same A.I. has searched for key words which match what they are ‘selling’.


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Written by jaylar


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