Everywhere is Here – No – 12

What you may find startling are the number of racist/anti-Semitic/anti-Islamic bigots who post and boast all over the net.  

It is shocking that sites will publish such items as if every single user was White Anglo Saxon.

One of the reasons why such evil abounds is that many sites do not have human moderators, and that by not using specific slurs the item goes through.

To read the rubbish, to comment on it,is not wise.  Firstly, the site might be run by racists/anti-Semites who use these posts as bait to attract those who would be effected and get rid of them.

To read something that insults you, your race, your religion and complain to the Admin might actually be complaining to the writer of that article.

The best thing to do is report these posts to outside agencies which can take a look and take action.  

Keep yourself away from these posts, from these people.  There is nothing they have to say you need to read, and trying to communicate with them is talking to a dirty sock.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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