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Ever wondered what happens on the internet within a minute?

According to an estimate Overall, more than 220 children are born in every single minute in the world, and 150 people die but you must be surprised to know what happens within a few minutes in the Internet world.

Apparently  a minute, ie, 60 seconds looks so minor, but in the same minute , there is much more happening in the Internet world, which makes it difficult to believe. If you could go through Visual Capitalist report, many people do not believe that so much happens within a minute in internet world.

What happens on a particular platform in a minute?

  • 3800,000 questions are asked on Google or things are searched.
  • Approximately 100 thousand people are logged in on Facebook in a minute.
  • 10 million 81 lac messages are sent.
  • 40 million 50 lac videos are viewed .
  • More than 3 Lac 90,000 apps are downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.
  • More than 3 Lac 47,000 posts are shared on the Instagram.
  • There are 87,500 Tweets on Twitter.
  • People around the world spend more than $ 996 million.
  • Over 41 million messages are sent on Watsapp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Over 18 million emails are sent around the world.
  • Over 14 Lac people visit tender dating website.

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Be clear these are 2019 figures , and all this happened within a minutes on the Internet in the past 6 months.


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