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(Jibo image courtsey of the Jibo web site).

I write every day about technology. I have some wonderful readers, who read what I am writing (often commenting that they can’t keep “up” with new technology) every day. I first off want to that those loyal readers for that. As I wander through the many different possible technology outcomes, I can honestly say that I miss often. I was convinced that Popslate would be the next big thing (a second active screen for your cellular phone). I missed on that one badly. The idea is still cool, but the integration isn’t ready now. I ended up backing three different HUD systems and frankly so far two of the three are cool. But the concept of data they are capturing is still young. When the device can give me more data, it will be better. A friend suggested that integration with the car’s computer systems allowing you to use the HUD display as a second display for your cars rear view camera would be useful. In that scenario adding the DVR capability to the HUD system would add value. “Let me show you exactly what happened, officer.” Helps honest people stay honest in a he-said, she said situations.

Many countries require driving cameras to reduce the issue of traffic accidents. It is truly hard to fake video on the spot. Yes, given time you can falsify any video, but at the moment of collision what the camera has is a pretty good record of what happened. Having that then available on the HUD screen reduces a lot of churns when it comes to posting accident insurance conversations. We don’t today in the US, but many cars already have a backup, and 360 view cameras, integration with a HUD offering onboard DVR services on the HUD itself would be something that may be interesting.

Another technology area that I have backed is the reality of robotics. First off, the majority of robots for home use today are limited. In the sense that at best they are single or linear multi-task systems. You wouldn’t expect a robotic system to create a human like interaction pattern (in the morning I make coffee while reading the news and getting ready to write my blogs, not a linear pattern).

Some of the new robotic systems such as JIBO and AIBO will, however, enable me to enter a room, and like Alexa have them read the news to me. Robotics and human interaction devices remain an area of extreme change and extreme interest. I am at this point curious as to which technology will win out! The best thing about technology is that it changes rapidly!


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