Does ERP, SAP Business One Guarantees Success?

Yes, no matter how many times you come across the benefits of installing ERP in an organization, one persistent question that comes into your mind must be – will this ERP ensure success? And it is quite expected too. After all, you invest a huge amount, time and energy in system implementation and want to improve the company’s financials and make the maximum out of it.

But, is it really so? Let’s see.

Essentials of Success

Believe it or not, success comes when we follow a disciplined routine. Be it personal or professional, ethics are important. Just like if you don’t utilize time for the right task in a day, and keep wasting it just like that in personal life – You can’t crib about not being successful. Success demands hard work done smartly. Similarly, when it comes to professional life, you should know how to engage your resources, tools and time in the right task to expect growth.

For example, small to medium-sized businesses generally lack the right enterprise ready software (ERP) in their organization and execute nearly all business functions manually. This way they may save some money that they might have used in getting an ERP. But, what they are gaining at the cost of it is lack of accuracy and precision in data and inefficiency in business processes.

Big story cut short – A robust ERP Software in India may sound just a tool, but it could be your key to success. Know why? It is because a smart and robust ERP like SAP Business One has the potential to streamline your business operations, which is nothing but the ethics I was talking about in the beginning.

Let’s learn in detail, what all SAP Business is capable of doing.

  1. Visibility – One of the major concerns of leaders is the invisibility of business processes and progress on projects. But, with the robust SAP Business One software by side, leaders can have a 360 degree view of their business and all the departments. They can better track the progress of the project and performance of resources.
  2. Error-free Data – Now, this is something that makes a difference. Manual data entries are prone to errors that directly affect your business functions. SAP Business One completely eliminates this situation as it automatically makes error-free entries on sales/purchase or transaction done.
  3. GST filing – As mentioned above, all transactions are being handled by SAP Business One are pre approved by authorities. That means, you need not to recall all the transactions done in the past for the whole year at the time of GST filing. This simplifies your tasks as the approval that you seek on the last moments of GST filing are now being managed at the same time as soon as transactions are made.
  4. Integrates Department – This sounds like a blessing for the leaders who are managing more than one location. The other location may be operational or not operational and just be a warehouse. In either of the two cases, there needs to be a synch between the locations to keep a track of sales/purchase or stock situation.

And this is not it. SAP Business One comes with the power pack advantages to convince and install it in your organization. Also, you can talk to your SAP Business one Vendor if you need some specific customization.

So if you’re thinking of getting this robust software at your organization, I can even give you a rough idea of SAP Business One price. SAP Business One costs nearly 8lakhs or above for a basic pack. With so much information in hand, you better not wait to adopt it.


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