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Always be somewhat discrete and always a bit humble.  This is because, online, you have no idea who you are communicating with.

A good friend of mine was pulled into an argument with a specific poster.  I’d noticed that poster was particularly argumentative with writ in stone opinions.  Whatever I posted, he/she/it would dive on trying to provoke contention.  Even if there was no big deal.

“I don’t understand what you mean…”   was the standard response from  he/she/it  which was to pull my tongue.

I did my  ‘due diligence’  to find out who  this poster was.  

I  rang my friend on his cell and told him;

“The guy is  the Admin’s Dual,” I said, and explained how I knew.

My friend began deleting his comments like crazy, then logged off for two days.   (We really liked the Message Board).

At a meeting of PC-Jam (Personal Computers of Jamaica)  I wasn’t  the only one who’d unmasked Duals.

Trust me, every site has Duals.  The Admin always has some character ‘just like you’ designed to ‘pull your tongue’.  We came to the obvious conclusion that any user who knows too much  about  a  site  is   to  be  avoided.

I mean, really avoided.

Don’t read what they post.   If  accidentally you do,  make no comment.  If they comment on your post, don’t answer.  Fade into  the wallpaper.   Let  someone else confront them.

Simply put, if you don’t read  you can’t   comment.  If you don’t comment you don’t make yourself a target.


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