Digital Camera and the rise of 360-degree cameras…

To continue my ongoing digital camera discussion I was thinking about two distinct camera types that I have alluded too, but not talked about. The first of those is the growing 360-degree market. The second is the AR/VR capabilities that the 360-degree camera opens up. AR allows you to interact with the environment you are in, but add additional components. Hololens from Microsoft is a great AR toolset, where you can interact with your environment and the computing power of Hololens right there.

But the concept of 360-degree cameras is an interesting problem. In part because many are not truly 360-degree cameras. They are a grouping of multiple cameras and the software to bring it all together. The software becomes a large portion of what has to be effective.  In the AR space, you need the rendered image first. VR, on the other hand, is a virtual environment; it can be based, however, on captured images from a camera. So the 360-degree camera can still be used in VR creation as well.

What is interesting to me is the continued development in the space. There are 360-degree cameras that include waterproof cases. Some include selfie sticks (which are great when you need to whack someone’s selfie drone that is buzzing you). There is even one available now that can be directly connected to your cell phone allowing you integrated 360-degree images where ever you are. The market is expanding for functionality. The market for digital cameras is declining, but the attachment world is expanding rapidly!


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