Development of AI Technology

AI (Artificial intelligence ) Technology is developing at an extremely high speed.  Not long ago,  Japanese had shown an exhibition of two robots fighting with each others (it is a kind of kickboxing ) without anyone controlling them ! Though the moves and attacks are a bit rigid,  the AI Technology using in this robots fighting shows still indicates clearly the rapid development of AI and robotic technology.

In the past decade,  AI robots mostly can only focus on a single function or task such as voice recognition,  playing chess,  simple chatbot etc ! But in recent years,  AI robots can be found in many areas like being a virtual assistant that helps you doing housework (ie. AI robots can do multitasking themselves,  not only a single task ), automobile,  chatbot that can analyze your questions and answer you with appropriately !

Facing the progressive advancement of AI Technology,  some people believe that AI will help people a lot and improve efficiency.  But some argued that AI Technology can cause serious unemployment and even destroy human beings in the future like “Terminators ” which is a very famous movies in 1984 and 1992!

What do you think about the future of AI and their impacts to human beings ?


What do you think?


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