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To check whether or not a site is a Scam you go to the biggest Scam on the Internet;  Scamadviser.

This site is PAID to tout other sites.  It is PAID by those who run scam sites.

When you check a site you may notice  comments from users.  You may notice they are marked in a green colour, signifying a positive review.   

If you read the comments it is clear the site should be red, because it tears the site to bits.

Scamadviser assumes you WON’T actually read the comment. You’ll see the green colour which means ‘safe’ and join.

Further, many ‘comments’ are made by the owner and his duals saying how great the site is.  

Sites that are legit are often given a kind of ‘ify’  rating, stating that Scamadviser is ‘still checking’  the site.

Do NOT use Scamadviser as any kind of reference.  It is a scam.


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