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Cyber Tips – Who are You Talking To? – 6

Many years ago, to prove this point, I was corresponding with a user on a site; I’ll call him  Cowboy. Cowboy used an I.P. which put him in Oklahoma.

I asked random questions about a city in Oklahoma, (where his I.P. placed him).  

Pretty sure he lived in that city, I asked if there was a Starbucks, and he answered something like; “It is two blocks from my door.”

Here’s a Google Map, there’s the Starbucks.  Look at the various buildings, separate businesses from residences, and drip in the fact he mentioned having to mow his lawn.

It didn’t take much effort on my part to virtually pin point his house, get his real name.

I didn’t go further.  I was only proving a point.  The point being, that if you are too forthcoming, you serve yourself for lunch.


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