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Cyber Tips – Who Are You Talking To? – 3

There are Scammers who will learn something of your history and pretend to be someone from your past.

In some cases, where you had diarrhoea of the mouth, you’ve given them enough to build a fire. Maybe you spoke about your friend Agatha, and how you and she used to….

Maybe you discussed Bob who….

And then, suddenly, there is Agatha or Bob trying to get in touch with you.

Oh great!  Enjoy!


Be a suspicious.  

If they ask for anything apologise and say you can’t send it because of…(say what you need to).    See what happens.

If it really is Agatha or Bob and you refer to something in the past you never mentioned in any post…something you invent, for example,  “You remember Greg?”

Now Agatha or Bob would have to say; “No, who is that?”  A scammer wouldn’t know this is an imaginary person.  S/he/it might post a tongue puller;  “Was that the basketball star?”

Because S/he/it is a really good scammer.

So mention something only  Agatha or Bob would know.     

See what they say.

Be cautious.


What do you think?


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