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Cyber Tips – Touts Shill Sheep

There are people who go on line to push an agenda.   It is no accident why they are there.  The easiest to see are the Trump supporters.  They will go on every site they can, from a writing site to Facebook and make it their life’s work to constantly comment, post, attack, and never ever alter their propaganda.

They are easily exposed, because Trump says one thing on Thursday which they tout, then changes his position on Friday.  Where they can’t edit their previous post they’ll do everything to defend and explain the turn around.

Although one assumes some are actually paid, there are a lot who, for some reason,  devote their lives to defending what they don’t know. 

There are others who go to sites to ‘sell’ something.   They know why they are there, they are striving to get you into some scam, whether buying cures or testing kits or whatever they sell.

But the most busy folks are those nobodies,  who  lured to some site, believing every lie, will commit every drop of their blood to supporting what they don’t control or know..

Think of it; here is a person who has absolutely no control, no knowledge of a site.  All this person knows is what s/he was told.   This person may have been paid once or twice, but doesn’t know, for a fact if s/he will be paid next month.


This person is typing his/her fingers off celebrating a site s/he does not control.

Write it down, if you think you’ll forget;  Only the Owner of A Site knows what is going on. Everyone else knows what the Owner tells them.

To protect yourself, ignore them.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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