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Cyber Tips – The Browser

Years ago, ‘everybody’ used Internet Explorer.  It came fully bloated on the computer as a Windows application.Before 1995 you had to know how to operate  a computer before you could do anything.

You would turn it on, get a C:  (C prompt) and then have to tell your computer what application to open.For Hackers, lunch was served.

Over time new Browsers appeared and Explorer, (called Exploder) began to dwindle in usage.

Then Firefox jumped up and captured the market to be overtaken by Google’s gift to the world, Chrome.Think of it like a bunch of streets leading to the beach.  Everyone drives on Beach Avenue so there’s  a lot of traffic.  Putting up bill boards, or having road blocks on Beach Avenue will effect most drivers.

A few people drive on Side Road, there won’t be any bill boards or road blocks, because so few people would be effected it isn’t work the effort.Browsers can be seen in the same light..


What do you think?


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  1. So 1995 was the transition to the new OS Win95. IE came around the end of that year, and was not the dominant browser.

    From 1993 to roughly 1997 Netscape, the mosaic build out, was the number one browser.

    • We used a basic DOS with Netscape from 94. Then 95 came out and everyone was able to pile on the ‘Net. Exploder (as we called it) came out in August. Lots of people still used Netscape because they hated Windblows.

      Of course, with Exploder bundled in Windlows it was obvious that those who knew nothing about computers/internet/etc would not know Netscape existed.

      As an aside, I was using Linux in my office, connecting by Konqueror.

        • I was kind of out of it at the time. I never had 95 on my home or office computer. I had used DOS (yeah in those ancient days I did know how to set an autoexec.bat etc.) and using Linux got me out of the ‘circle’.

          I had like Netscape for my DOS and used it until…. Windows was so unfair

          • windows was unfair? how is that? the reality of the world is if you build a better mousetrap, people will buy it.

            Windows and macOS were brought so many users to computers.

            I will never trust any flavor of Linux. Any OS that allows a kernel to be copied into a running os is bad news.

        • You can not buy a lap top that does not come Fully Bloated with Windows. You have no choice. When I bought this Dell I had no choice but to buy Windows.

          Tell me how that is fair? Hmmm? The only way I can avoid it is if I buy a Apple which comes with its own OS.

          Linux is Open Source.

          • first every single vendor sells computers preloaded with Linux as well as preloaded with Windows.

            That isn’t Microsoft doing anything.

            Linus at best is a security nightmare. At worst it is the magical hacker platform.

            Kali (the name has changed) was wholly built on a Linux kernel. It has more hacking tools available than anything.

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