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Cyber Tips – The Browser

Years ago, ‘everybody’ used Internet Explorer.  It came fully bloated on the computer as a Windows application.Before 1995 you had to know how to operate  a computer before you could do anything.

You would turn it on, get a C:  (C prompt) and then have to tell your computer what application to open.For Hackers, lunch was served.

Over time new Browsers appeared and Explorer, (called Exploder) began to dwindle in usage.

Then Firefox jumped up and captured the market to be overtaken by Google’s gift to the world, Chrome.Think of it like a bunch of streets leading to the beach.  Everyone drives on Beach Avenue so there’s  a lot of traffic.  Putting up bill boards, or having road blocks on Beach Avenue will effect most drivers.

A few people drive on Side Road, there won’t be any bill boards or road blocks, because so few people would be effected it isn’t work the effort.Browsers can be seen in the same light..


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