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Cyber Tips – Reality – 4

Now there were people who believed everything that was fabricated by Ulsterman iand his crew n the Whitehouse Insider.

No matter how wacky, people believed it.

We’d sit in the Forum and crack up repeating idiotic comments readers had made.   But those involved in the Whitehouse Insider were earning a lot of money.

With earning 1c for every 6 views to get 1 Million Views for 1 article…well, not bad for ten minutes work.

People so believed Whitehouse Insider that it was quoted by actual media until they realised it was  a hoax.

Whitehouse Insider was a hoax and never pretended it wasn’t.

When Stanza went down in 2015 so did Whitehouse Insider.  

People who did even the slightest research would learn it was hoax, but the fact is, they wanted to believe it.

Writing an article about this topic a few years ago I was attacked, viciously, by people who wanted to believe it, who refused to accept a single word I posted.


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