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Cyber Tips – If it Happens to Me

One of the really strange facts is that users prefer to find excuses for sites than believe another user.  If this happened to me, why do you believe it won’t happen to you?  

Why are you more likely to believe the site than another user?

Think of it.  

It is a mistake ‘everyone’ seems to make.  For some reason we ‘believe’  the site over the user.

Never do that.

Never assume the User committed some ‘breach’ which is why they are experiencing this….  be wary.

If it happens to User1  itis likely to happen to User 2.   This is why scams go on so long.   The users of many sites do not join together, they ‘fight’ against each other.

And what happened to User1 happens to you, and you complain, you’ll be treated the same way you treated User1

Always follow the money;   the site has a lot to lose if users cease.   Therefore, they will slap away complaints from User1 knowing that the others will follow their lead.


What do you think?


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