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Cyber Tips – How Not to Make a Fool of Yourself – 5

Another trick is to claim there is ‘moderation’  when there is simply delay.  Very few sites today practice moderation.  No one reads your article before it is published.  The most might be a plagiarism checker, A.I.

Yet, the site will claim there is ‘moderation’ to  keep users from earning for days while they wait for their item to be published.

A third trick is to block comments.  The less comments, the less earning.  By blocking comments or preventing people from seeing them, there can be no responses.  

The best sites often have a lot of users in discussion in the comments.  This does help the poster but also creates a community.

Hide comments, or prevent them cuts earnings, cuts community.

These actions are not glitches.  There is no reason for images to have sizes or posts to be delayed, or comments to be blocked save preventing a user from earning.

And these actions are done deliberately.

To try to offer reasons or explain just makes the average user look like a fool.


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  1. sadly it is the reality of posts like this that make this site into a conspiracy theory site. Congratulations.

    you know the same things the rest of us do and you simply continue to post error after error.

    there is no claim of moderation on this site. THey approve posts only.

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