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Cyber Tips – Facebook – 2

If you do any research on the various racist murders, whether in New Zealand or Wisconsin, Florida or London, you will learn that the killers had Facebook pages.

Pages on which were posted images of guns, manifestos, targets.

All of the far right racists, be they anti Black, anti Muslim,  have Facebook pages, which set out their beliefs and those pages will stay up until After they have committed their crimes.

The New Zealand murderer  who killed 51 people had his Facebook page showing his targets.  And that page stayed up until the media mentioned it.  Lots of people raced to see it, and then it was taken down.

If the media hadn’t mentioned, it would still be up.  This is because it expressed sentiments Facebook agreed with.

Facebook is a rabid Right Wing site which totally supports Donald Trump.  This should not be surprising. One must be aware of  all the pro-Trump propaganda published on Facebook in 2016.  

Anyone could  checked the I.P. addresses of those who published the Pro Trump Rubbish.   It was obvious these apparently  ‘American’  contributors were in Macedonia.

Facebook knew this, obviously.   It knows from what part of the world one is logging in.   It has the I.P. address.  

How could any tech person not know this?  How could any allow this fake news to be published?

Simple, that is what Facebook is there for.


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Written by jaylar

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