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Cyber Tips -Don't Pay For What You Can Get For Free – 2

Watching television programmes, or motion pictures on your computer is not unusual.  Sure, you can turn on the Television in the First World,  Cable, and have hundreds of possibilities.  Considering television is free and cable not that expensive, watching for free might be unknown.

For those in the 3rd who might have one or two stations, which might not present many first rate dramas to watch online for free is creed..

To make it clear, if it wasn’t for our ability to find and use free sites, we wouldn’t see much television at all.

To you, $100 US is no biggie; in my country, where $1.00 U.S. is equal to a fluctuating $134 – $140 we can’t afford it.  $100 U.S. is $13,800.00 sometimes $14,000.

So watching for free, for us, is the only way.

You have to do a number of searches to find the various free programs.  Some are better than others.  But keep a list.  Use the ones that work the best, and when they are taken down, find another.


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