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Cyber Tips – Don't Make a Fool of Yourself – 3

The events of the site I call ‘Rite’ have been repeated over the years.  

A dodgy site comes up, people join, participate, and then, when it reveals its dodgy nature, there are always a few fools offering explanations.

What I have always found incredible is that a user, who knows absolutely nothing at all whatsoever about the site, about the owner, or the interstices, will offer explanations.

Those who rebut the explanations are attacked by that Know Nothing.

Think of it;  here are people who wouldn’t know the Admin if he punched them in the mouth.


Yet they are defending the Admin and the site as if their lives depend on it.  

They are posting in strong voice as if they actually know what they are talking about.  And they don’t know squat.

They don’t know why this or that or the next thing happened.  They know as much about the Owner and the site as the guy sitting on the side of road picking maggots out of his foot with a needle.


They are pontificating as if they have coffee with the Admin or received some secret information.

And there are people who will be fooled by this Fool.  Who, at the end of the day, proves himself a Fool


What do you think?


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