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Cyber Tips – Don't Make a Fool of Yourself -2

As writers who’d been dropped to apprentice complained, they were barred from the site.  Their work remained up, gathering revenue for the Owner’s pocket.   These writers complained on other writing sites.

Their complaints were attacked by people who had absolutely no idea what had happened.

That the Owner had stolen the revenue of users to pay his debts was unknown to these Blabber Mouth Apologists. Unaware of reality, they made post after post on other writing sites to attack those who had been robbed.

Some claimed the robbed writer had ‘broken the rules’ others spouted all sorts of reasons.

As the number of robbed writers increased, some of those explainers, who had once been members, joined he queue.

Here was a guy who had attacked every writer who had been robbed and barred until he was robbed and barred.

Then the site went down taking everyone’s revenue, including those four who had been the loyal Mods of the Admin.  

They, as everyone else was ripped off, and one of them spelled out the entire story, from creation until this abrupt collapse in an in depth comment on a writing site.


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Written by jaylar

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