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Cyber Tips – Data Sharing

In Germany there were complaints about how Facebook stores and deploys User Data.  Germany has told Facebook it can only continue gathering so much data about users  only if it gets individuals’ consent.

Basically,  Facebook combines all its services  to collect data.  Germany has decided that the  “obligatory tick on the box” to agree to all the company’s terms was not a sufficient  basis for “such intensive data processing”.

As posted before, NEVER USE your REAL NAME or Be too Open on any Social Media Platform.  

It is pointless, unnecessary and what it does is serve you as lunch to all of Facebook’s nasty little money making schemes.

Facebook makes a Lot of Money by Selling Data.   It sells your private information to anyone willing to pay.  

If a serial killer was searching for a type, all it would have to do is pay Facebook and give it some easy story;   “We are planning to introduce a special hair care product for redheads…”

and then!   Lunch is Served!


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