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Cyber Tips – Check the Site

A friend of mine posts items from various satirical sites, for example, babylonbee on Facebook.

Then we crack up reading the comments of people who have no idea that what they are reading is all a fabrication.  

The boys in Macedonia created a site; WTO5 News  on which they published all sorts of ridiculous items which were believed; including that the Pope endorsed Trump for President.

It is fairly easy to learn if a site is real.  for example, if you look up The Babylon Bee on Goggle it will immediately reveal it is a satirical site.  

Always check the site.

There are many created by the far right in America which are total rubbish.  They post with ‘authority’ but what they post is rubbish.

Unlike sites like the Daily Squib or National Report which makes no secret of their nature, there are sites which pretend they are real and honest.

Sites like CBSnews.com.co pretend to be CBS and the Gateway Pundit consistently publishes fake news.  Those who quote those sites have a hidden agenda.

Always check a site before you waste your eye sight reading it.


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