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Cyber Tips – Check and Check Again

Everyone knows the Internet is full of fraud.  

From fake sites to scams,  from  so-called mock news , unless you know what you are doing and know how to do it, you’ll tumble head first into fabrications and believe falsehoods.

Lawyers know that direct questions have rehearsed answers so will ask the indirect,  will ask for bits and pieces that the liar would not have assembled.

When one researches Mansa Musa one finds out how he got power.  It’s a by the way, in most historical reports.  Basically, he was appointed because Abubakir Keita II left on an expedition to explore the Atlantic Ocean.

Africans were in the ‘New World’ before Columbus.

This fact is not taught at schools, is not discussed, because, ‘no one knows.’  Yet, in every historical account of Mansa Musa, it is there.

Looking at ancient  sculptures made by the indigenous people of the ‘New World’ , the features are African.  There is no question.

Yet, this obvious physical information is ignored.  

When you read something, regardless of where, do you own research, selecti what seems to be the ‘indirect’ route.   In that way, you’ll uncover the truth.


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