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Cyber Tips – Check and Check Again

Everyone knows the Internet is full of fraud.  

From fake sites to scams,  from  so-called mock news , unless you know what you are doing and know how to do it, you’ll tumble head first into fabrications and believe falsehoods.

Lawyers know that direct questions have rehearsed answers so will ask the indirect,  will ask for bits and pieces that the liar would not have assembled.

When one researches Mansa Musa one finds out how he got power.  It’s a by the way, in most historical reports.  Basically, he was appointed because Abubakir Keita II left on an expedition to explore the Atlantic Ocean.

Africans were in the ‘New World’ before Columbus.

This fact is not taught at schools, is not discussed, because, ‘no one knows.’  Yet, in every historical account of Mansa Musa, it is there.

Looking at ancient  sculptures made by the indigenous people of the ‘New World’ , the features are African.  There is no question.

Yet, this obvious physical information is ignored.  

When you read something, regardless of where, do you own research, selecti what seems to be the ‘indirect’ route.   In that way, you’ll uncover the truth.


What do you think?


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  1. There are many that argue the Vikings, the great leaders and civilization of Africa all explored America long before Columbus.

    But everyone forgets that humans crossed the Bering land bridge 10,000 years before any of the other civilizations even though there was something on the other side of the water.

    The spread of humanity, west first, then east to west.

    Your point of origin is well taken, but the value of information is both that you trust it, but verify it. There are many sources, but not all are valid.

    • There is no doubt that there was crossing when the Bering Strait could be walked, nor that people from Asia travelled to the Pacific Islands, inhabiting Hawaii and probably other places in South America.

      The arrival of the Vikings around the year 1000 is proven and accepted.

      The point I was making was that to research African arrivals in the ‘New World’ the best method is indirect; because indirect information is not subject to whatever propaganda is utilised.

      When checking information on the ‘Net one will hit against all those false sites, but when one adopts the indirect method, one avoids those sites.

      For example; a guy was selling something called colloidal silver. I found out how many lawsuits and where it was banned.

        • I’ve always believed that it isn ‘t I.Q. it is S.Q.- Stupidity Quotient that matters. In my country big people feel for scams. Educated, wealthy, and the only reason I didn’t is because I’m dyscalculate.

          • i have fallen for a couple of phishing scams and replied. I ended up regretting that only from having to block so many emails.

            the reality of trust but verify is critical

        • I never use my real name … I don’t chat my private life. I don’t gamble. So all those ‘You Won!’ get deleted and when it comes to scams, Jamaica beats Nigeria. So…I’m always about 75% in and 25% reserved to start.

          • My worry isn’t those types of scams. They can be slowly but surely removed. For me, the worry is the disinformation from governments.

            Russia says they have no Covid-19 at all, now they are one of the fastest-growing in the world.

            I worry that governments spent far to much time hiding facts.

        • When you are not behind those Closed Doors of power, whether you live in Paraguay or Pakistan, Canada or China, you know nothing for a fact. You know what you have been told.

          When it comes to Covid, since there is no cure, since no one knows what they are doing all the statistics are questionable. This is what leads to the conspiracy theories.

          No one saw anyone dying of measles so determined the vaccination was unnecessary. Now they got to bury their kids so I guess they believe there is such a thing as measles.

          • there is good scientific information about COVID and measles. That people choose to ignore it is ignorance. They have not been misled by the science, they have been misled by their national leaders.

            Science starts out with a hypothesis, an educated guess with the intent of disproving it.

            Science doesn’t prove anything. It is the art of disproving. A hypothesis that cannot be shaken is then a theory, but at no time do the scientists stop trying to disprove that theory.

        • We are very much on the same page with that. Some discredited, disbarred doctor posted about Vaccination and all the idiots followed. When their kids die of measles I always recall Charles Darwin.

          If one reads that X is good for you, then search, check, and check in indirect sources.

        • To me there’s a lot of artsy craftsy mental cracksy where labels are slapped on everything.

          A friend of mine has a son and he was told the child had one of those cracksy problems and they wanted to refer him so as to be medicated.

          I told him to move the child to a different school, which he did. The child is brilliant… of course he was bored stiff in a class where he was streets and lanes ahead of others.

          Many schools have kick back deals with so called child psycho therapists who target those they think can pay for ‘treatment’.

          A woman was totally distressed when she was told her son had communication difficulties. I told her to tell the school she can’t afford the school fees and the therapy so is moving the child.

          She was told he was ‘cured’ but moved him anyway.

          • you have a lot to unpack, in many cases schools are just doing the best they can. I remember as a teacher i used to fight with parents to not medicate their children. But I also know that some kids need medication.

            we have to have good information on both sides.

        • I once taught . I was lucky that at the time the artsy craftsy mental cracksy wasn’t yet invented.

          Even today, if you go to poor neighbourhoods they don’t bother with the ACD OCD HFD HDA or whatever rubbish they push up town.

          You can’t afford to pay a psychologist there is no sense in having your kid diagnoised. Won’t be filling anyone’s pocket, and telling the mother that “I think your son has..(fill in the blank)” is a non insurable risk as the mother might just box you in the face for bad mouthing her son.

          That’s one of the good things about living in the 3rd World; we’re kind of immune to Western whacky

          • i would say there is a lot of bitterness in what you’ve written.

            Educational physiology is a valid field with the intent of helping as many students as possible.

            The reality of the world is we understand more every day.

        • In the Third World, where people don’t have money, don’t understand psycho babble, you have far less of the various maladies as in America.

          Basically, if you want to prove insanity in court, the guy has to be barking mad. Then he’s not fit to plead and tossed into a cell.

          Recently we had http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20200604/courts-under-fire-inmate-held-40-years-dies-without-trial

          It is only in the upper classes that one could be diagnoised with OCD or something like that.

          One of my most brilliant friends, (a man who was ‘abducted’ by Dell to the US as an engineer) is dyslexic.

          He was 19 when I (totally not qualified) ‘diagnoised’ him. He looked it up on the Internet.

          I am dysnumerate so it’s kind of a match….(I have to be extra careful with numbers cause I mess up….)

          When you don’t have that kind of ‘safety net’ where there is a label for whatever it is that explains your behaviour, you alter your behaviour to survive.

          • a perfect example of hearing and now verify.

            what you just said isn’t true. In the third world, there are just as many maladies. You are using the if you test more you find more argument.

            The number is constant regardless of economic status.

        • To go back to a previous point, I never fell for scams in RL or online because of my dysnumeracy. When investing I would say; “How much did this cost last year? How much this year?” that was all that made sense to me.

    • When you are dyscalculate (dysnumerate) and are aware of it, you don’t trust anything because you can’t understand it. “Make 5.7% on your investment!” I don’t really get what that means, if it good, exactly how to work it out. So I walk away.

      My friend, who is dyslexic doesn’t fall for scams because to translate the words requires more effort.

      As I never gamble I can’t win anything, telling me “You won!” or ‘You were selected’ gets a delete.

        • You can’t hack Jimbo’s bank account because Jimbo does’t have one. Nor does Jimbo have a presence on social media. The only place Jimbo exists is on a site like this.

          If there was any risk,Jimbo would connect via Tor or via a fake I.P.

          • to a degree what you say is true but… all i need is the chance to chase your IP. Most likely if I was going to attack it would be your phone.

            sadly the minute you connect to the internet you are vulnerable, even if you leverage obscurity.

          • Tor is illegal in many countries.

            But I don’t need your browser to find your IP, and if you bought a burner phone there is an account. If i really want to find you I can.

        • No. You can’t.

          Tor is not illegal in my country. My phone is in a different name. Trust me; I know all about hacking and how it is done.

          In America everyone’s phone is ‘tapped’. So it’s no prob. for find info. I am not in America.

          • every phone in the freaking world is tapped.

            I suspect that your reliance on obscurity is good, but it isn’t the be all end all.

            tor can and has been hacked.

        • Cell companies keep records of every call you ever made, every text you ever sent. So when you have no apps, that is as far as it goes. The cell company can be subpoenaed to turn over records..(Vybz Kartel case)

          When it comes to ‘hacking ‘ into a phone, when there are no apps on it, there’s no way in.

          • so the phone doesn’t have an os?

            sorry your perception isn’t going to save you.

            Obscurity is a great security measure, but if it is the only one you use you will get hacked eventually.

            Multi-tier or what is called a kill chain is the best model of security.

            Make the hacker guess right 4, 5 or 6 times to get the data they want.

            The issue that most people don’t understand is that hackers don’t always want your cell or computer, they want your ID. That way they can create an online profile.

        • Firstly, I am only on the Internet when I’m sitting in front of the laptop. Then I’m disconnected and off.

          Secondly, as I said, I have an old fashioned cheap phone with no apps, so it can’t connect to the Internet.

          When I’m on the laptop I am running two different malware programs at the same time.

          I am very conscious of hacking, how it’s done.

          • interesting but you don’t realize that the cellular network that phone connects to is the internet (it is).

            The best security people always say the following “assume you are already hacked and act accordingly.”

            Never assume you aren’t hackable, you are.

        • I have a phone totally incapable of connecting to the Internet. All calls, texts, are stored at the site. They are in an ‘archive’ area where someone must look up your number to get the info. It is not available on line.

          Sure you can have a ‘smart phone’ but I have the cheapest banger. If I even had a phone that could go online I would have to prepay for a ‘package’.

          If this was not true then no one would pay for a package, just go online. Most phones have to be prepaid. I buy $100 credit and when it runs out, I have no service. If there was a way I could ‘hack in’ and get service without paying, sure.

          My Internet which I use now on my lap top, is a totally different package. The two are not linked.

          Rem. I’m in the 3rd World. Not America.

          • that phone is connected to the internet, The minute you click send you are connected to the internet. The phone company in Jamaica is the internet.

          • i am telling you that your phone company is directly connected to the internet. yes.

            There is not a single phone company on the planet earth that is not.

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