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Cyber Tips – A bit of Care


When you use unpopular Browsers, when you alternate them, it is quite difficult for the Hacker to follow you.

As malware targets popular browsers,  the unpopular get a pass.

Simply put;  If Chrome has 310 Million Users and Brave has 8.7 Million users, which is a wiser target?

It is more than likely the users are Chrome or Firefox fans so setting  a hack to ride a Browser means that you don’t even notice Brave.


As everyone uses Gmail, it’s a great place to find ‘victims’.   Pick common names and insert them before gmail.com and see where that gets you.

Recently, many people on Gmail have gotten alerts to change their password to ——-  and those that do have just rolled out a red carpet, because that alert is NOT coming from Gmail.

When it comes to email, don’t open anything you don’t know is a rule of thumb.


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