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Cyber Tips – A bit of Care


When you use unpopular Browsers, when you alternate them, it is quite difficult for the Hacker to follow you.

As malware targets popular browsers,  the unpopular get a pass.

Simply put;  If Chrome has 310 Million Users and Brave has 8.7 Million users, which is a wiser target?

It is more than likely the users are Chrome or Firefox fans so setting  a hack to ride a Browser means that you don’t even notice Brave.


As everyone uses Gmail, it’s a great place to find ‘victims’.   Pick common names and insert them before gmail.com and see where that gets you.

Recently, many people on Gmail have gotten alerts to change their password to ——-  and those that do have just rolled out a red carpet, because that alert is NOT coming from Gmail.

When it comes to email, don’t open anything you don’t know is a rule of thumb.


What do you think?


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  1. Let’s talk about browsers and security

    1. chrome spends more (Google) and their zero-day number is around 22 days.
    2. Smaller browsers (opera is one) have between a 50 and an 80 day zero-day window. On recent breach of firefox wasn’t fixed for 130 days!

    The reality of exploited is that what you said is actually wrong. It is safer using a currently patched big browser overall.

    Now, if the browser isn’t patched (big or small) you are hacked.

      • so do I, and honestly, the days to fix are critical. Most smaller browsers are open for way to long.

        the relevance of power or hacker using something is one thing. You can’t really publish something like this for users that are not qualified.

        they don’t know what they don’t know.

        You say go use a lesser-known browser and they do, and end up hacked.

          • those who are blind cannot see.

            you created an article on a site filled with novice computer users and advocated a model that sophisticated users struggle to fully implement.

            I work in a room full of former black hats. They love posts like yours. That is the information they want out there.

            your attitude shows you don’t see both sides. You see only the side you are on.

        • I suggest they don’t use Chrome. I don’t think I posted in techno babble. To make it simple; if there is a little spot in Chrome where Google can catch information to assist them in directing advertisements to you; can I not find that little spot and post; “You Won the Jamaican Lottery!”

          • it is much harder to operate for all users in a less known browser. The risk of those that do not know what is going on, is so huge. The end up installing things that chrome has built-in, that they don’t need.

            this is exactly what hackers want people to do. Chrome prevents as many attacks now as are still open.

            120 days for some vulnerabilities in smaller browsers is way too long.

        • Other Browsers are just as easy to use as Chrome and safer. There is nothing to operate. One is hand held through the download and opening and there’s the Browser… say vivaldi or brave or whatever… same slots to enter I.P.s…. and they can change settings… etc.

          • while you think that – it just isn’t true. Some may be safer but you don’t know the codebase they were built on.

            If they were built on Mosiacs base, they have all of those vulnerabilities.

            i don’t think you have worked in a situation where you are responsible for 10-12,000 desktops.

            My impression is you are a person that has always been in a small company or a soloist.

          • as I sai, i work with a bunch of ex black hats.

            they talk about three things.

            1. if there is no money, there is no hackers.
            2. hackers take great pride in what the do.

            but the reality is you can push off the reality but you need to be careful what you share here. There are many who read that are novices. your information is dangerous and not something that should not share.

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