Cyber Mistakes You Should Not Make – The Big Rip – 1

This is a true story.  I am merely masking the names because the facts are not uncommon.

M.Q. decided to open his own publishing site and invited  five pals to be Moderators. 

The plan was to begin by loading the site with great items plagiarised from other sites, posted with different titles, a bit of cut and paste to change words, all under false names or ‘duals’ of he and his friends.

He did this to make the site seem quality.  Anyone who arrived on the site would see fabulous articles that were worth reading. 

He didn’t have the usual ‘amateur hour’  but a very professional looking site of quality because he wanted to attract the best writers.

M.Q. used his personal Adsense account on the site to collect revenue which he shared among himself and his friends.

He and his friends, using their duals, went to tout his site on all sorts of platforms to attract views.


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