Cyber Mistakes You Should Not Make – 59

 If you do a search on; ‘Cruises’, and use Google, shortly after, you will see ads for cruises all through your accounts and on every social network you use. 

This is because Google makes money selling your personal information. 

This fact has been mentioned many times, but most people shrug their shoulders and think, well, so what? 

Unlike television where a commercial about Viagra can be shown to a group of Nuns, the Internet, via Google, can target its base. 

As previously stated, for a ‘small’ payment, you can have your products, services, etc. listed First in a Search. 

It is rare someone would go to the second, and even rarer to the third page of a Google Search. This means, Google can control what you see by putting the paying sites on the Front Page.


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Written by jaylar

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  1. It is compelling and your argument is founded but then what can we do about it. i believe when we speak of things we should try and make solution to them and make the best out of our lives. if you have a solution to this problem, well, i’m all ears and ready to listen

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