Cyber Mistakes You Should Not Make – 49

The most important piece of advice, which can not be over emphasised is to NOT share your real information online.

If this is your business email, fine.   Only business.  

 If this is your family email, only correspond with  your friends  and family.

Do NOT join any site using your business or family email.

To give you an example;

James Kirk has an email address;  He uses his name and that email to join Facebook.

Everything he posts using gmail, whether in an email or he joins Facebook with that account; is ‘mined’ by various data collectors.  They pay for the ‘privilege’ of ‘legally hacking’ your account.

They then sell his information to various others.

James Kirk is virtually naked on King Street.  His private information is as public as if he set up a billboard on a busy highway.

This is NOT paranoia; this is fact.


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