Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 9

What You  See

Unless you have coffee with the person in real life, don’t believe their profile, their picture, anything posted online.

Anyone can take an image off the ‘Net or use one of some relative and claim; “That’s Me!”   Anyone can create a profile of a 32 year old Executive  living in New York City, or a   22 year old model in Los Angeles.

A nineteen year old guy in Lagos created the infamous ‘Scott Grant’ profile on a dating site.  He claimed to be a 35 year old American Peace Corp worker and posted the image of a white American male model.

Lots  of women fell in love with him.

He asked lots to marry him.   Said he’d be flying to their city.    Then, he would post that he can’t come because little Ade needed an operation and he spent every cent he had saved.

So… the women sent him money.   You can guess what doesn’t happen.

It is easy to say, ‘oh, that won’t happen to me…’  until it does.


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    • It is, and one has to ponder how can people fall for it? I was on a dating site when there was a user; ‘flyakite’ whom I immediately realised was a Nigerian scammere, (IP in Lagos) who was pretending to be in Canada.

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