Cyber Mistakes you Should Never Make – 6

Don’t Answer

Every so often you’ll receive some email that looks ‘official’ .   It may ask for information, it may advise that your account was hacked, something that, unless you start from a position of disbelief, you are likely to fall for.

You may respond and virtually open your computer to hackers.   You may respond and give away your passwords.

Don’t respond.

For example, you receive some notification  that one of your accounts or your computer has been hacked.

What do you do?

You close the window then you disconnect from the Internet, and shut the computer.

Sometime later,  you turn on the computer,  you run whatever malware programs you have, then  go to that ‘hacked’ account.

It is 99.9999999% that it wasn’t hacked.  The person or persons who sent you that ‘advisory’  targeted your computer.   When you close the window, when you disconnected from the Internet, when you shut the computer,  they were left with a disconnect.

There was no sense in waiting around for you to return, so they move on.

They wil find someone who will respond to the warning, and obey their commands.

If you are asked for any kind of information, never give it.   Never continue.

The second there is some kind of alert, you close the window, you disconnect, you  lock off the computer, and you go on an hour later.

Trust no one and nothing on the  ‘Net.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar