Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 51

There is nothing ‘free’ on the Internet.  

Unlike ‘free’ commercial television, where the advertisements are stuffed into the show, so  a 60 minute block is  44 disrupted minutes of program and 16 minutes of Ads,  ‘Free’ sites on the ‘Net are all commercials all the time.

On Commercial T.V.  the show breaks for the commercials and you can get up and use the bathroom.  On the Internet, there  is no break, the selling is continuous.   And the Ads are cut and pasted to match your identity.

If you are thought to be male, you’ll get a lot of stuff from ‘gorgeous Russian women’  if you are thought to be a parent, you’ll get all kinds of kiddie stuff.

This is because nothing is private.

You post intimate details in an email using Google, and it’s all over the place.  You mention something on Facebook;  and it stapled to your identity.

The only way to somewhat thwart this is to have different accounts;  different accounts on social media, diifferent Email accounts and always Nicks when you join sites.

You’ll see ads, sure, but they can’t target you too well, in fact,  if you do it right, they’ll mix up your age, your sex, your interests so you know these are ads and scams.  


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