Cyber Mistakes You should Never Make – 4

Facebook Fancy (a)

Too many people think that their Facebook page  is only available to their friends.

This is not true. It is not just their friends, it is the friends of their friends, and their friends etc.

Of course, the key feature is what are you putting on Facebook in the First place?

Today, prospective  employers will often ask; “Do You Have a Facebook Page?”

Then take a look.

Imagine a man applying for a professional, professional,  sensitive position, has images of he and a ‘hot gal’ dancing some version of salsa;  having the old rub a dub.

You know, he is not getting that job.

Who would go to a doctor, lawyer, accountant, banker, dentist,  who would have posted those images?

It exhibits a kind of carelessness I doesn’t wish to encounter in a professional.


What do you think?


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