Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 3

Being Too Open

Don’t give your real name, ever.  The only place is your bank account and other such accounts.  On social media, NO.  What happens if you are too open is that some scammer will take advantage of you.

There are many sites which have your information; whether it is a High School, a Business, etc.  As long as you don’t link your Nick to your real name, you should be safe.   Hence, if you are Kitty on Facebook, but admit your real name is Connie Sharp, it is pretty easy to do a search of Connie Sharp;  maybe learn she went to Excelsior, that she lives in Jack’s Hill, etc.

A woman in New York  was on a site discussing the High School she had gone to.   A scammer was pulling her tongue.

He got enough information, so created a account using a name she’d given them of her High School best friend.

He was more than able to rip her off.

If she’d been a bit vague, if she’d put in a bit of fantasy, no one could have used the information against her.

But, if in the year book, Connie Sharp had written, “To my Bestie!”  on the image of Tanisha Thompson, how hard is it for a scammer to get the image, to use that name?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar