Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 21

No Truth

Never put very much truth online.   You don’t need to use your real name, your real address, anything real.  You can create a ‘dual’  and use that.

One of the most useful things about have a dual is that all the scam letters, frauds, you won and the rest of the rubbish that is sent over the Internet, goes to a person who doesn’t exist.

When your dual receives;  “You have inherited $$$ ….”    you don’t have to click on that email.

Further, when you are online, keep your real self, off.    Let people post and babble, and use your dual as the shield.

It is impossible for someone to ‘hack’ the account of a person who doesn’t exist.   There is no paypal account, no bank statements, nothing.   All they will find are worthless emails, and various insignificant sites.

You as you use the Dark Web for sensitive matters.   But for the common place, let your dual do the work.


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