Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 14

People who have no life (2)

People with no life, portray a ‘control’  of a site they don’t own nor control, with an imperiousness that defies logic.   For them, the web site is home.

With nothing in their lives, these No lifers   may  set themselves up as  ‘arbiter’ of your contributions,  ‘experts’ on topics.

When you join a site, (as I describes in a previous article ) be alert to possibility you will encounter No Lifers, and the difference between a conversation contra an interrogation.

A conversation consists of people sharing views.

An interrogation is  being demanded to answer questions.

In the example of the Star Trek Group;   the fact there  was no conversation but an interrogation is evident. The second part of this ‘interrogation’  is the ‘inquisition’  when another user showed up to demand explanation.

One has a fantastic power online that is denied in real life.  If anyone or anything annoys you,  one click and the site is gone.

Never allow yourself to be dragged into an inquisition by No Lifers.   When people ask questions and you don’t want to answer, you close the window.


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