Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 13

People who have No life (1)

There are those who ‘live’ on the Web; whether Facebook, a Message Board, a Writing site;  this is their ‘home’ and they will ‘defend’ and ‘control’ it.

Unlike normal people who visit this site or that one, post here or there, the No Lifers are on ‘their’ site  all the time.

As  an example of No lifers; I joined a Star Trek Group on Facebook.

User One asked;  “What is your favourite episode on TOS?”

I answered.

User One asks;  “Why?”

I answered.

User Two shows up and posts;  “I don’t understand your answer.”



User One didn’t discuss my favourite or tell me his.   Normal people do.  User One asks ‘Why?’  to have me spill my guts.   User Two arrives with her stupid question to provoke argument.

Why?   I’m a trespasser  on their site and they need to expose me, dig into me, show their power.

What did I do?  Having a life I shut the computer and left.


What do you think?


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