Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 1


It is hard to put these mistakes in some kind of order, for there are so many that they race about and pop up here and there.

To sit down and try to list them, like; “Worst Mistake”, “Second Worst Mistake”, wouldn’t work, because it depends on exactly where you are and what is happening when.

Some mistakes are livable and some are not.   Some require a complete erasure of your Internet existence and a pause before a restart.

Some can be changed with a press of a key.

I lump everything done in  cyberspace, whether by computer or phone, or some other method under the title, and will try to give you as much of a warning as I can.

Trust me here, you may say; “Oh, I always did….”  and I will repeat, “Yeah and man who got killed yesterday, never got killed before.”


What do you think?

Written by jaylar