How to create an email marketing strategy for the education sector

Email marketing is the most versatile. If it can be used to communicate offers from a small business or to send news and tips of interest to the reader, why not make e-mail marketing also for the education sector? The fact of sending e-mail marketing campaigns to the students of your school can help to improve the image of the center, as well as create a more direct and human link between the faculty or the coordinators of the center and the students. How? Defining an efficient email marketing strategy of interest to all.

To achieve our purpose, there are some points that one should not omit. The first, and perhaps the most important of all, is the fact of setting an objective.

# 1 Who am I going to send e-mail marketing and for what?

The objective must be defined based on the profile of the database. Before any attempt to create a campaign, one must ask the following question: who do I want to address and for what? In our case, we would create a newsletter designed for the education sector, so we should have some information about the student profile of our database and then start to trace our strategy. A tip: to know our database well, it is a good idea to segment it according to gender, age, origin, studies or any other information we can get.

Another point that we cannot forget in any e-mail marketing campaign is precisely the personalization. Our readers will want content of interest, that is why it is important to personalize our campaigns to the maximum.

# 2 How is an e-mail marketing campaign customized for the education sector?

Easy. It only takes a bit of field work. Just as we mentioned a moment ago, we can segment our database following some parameters that help us to classify the different profiles that we find in it. In this way, we will know who is behind those email addresses and it will be easier for us to find out what is of interest to them. A good way to do this would be to classify them (apart from gender, age, etc.) by field of study. In this particular case, think of segmentations that distribute the students in interests, such as; If they are finishing the race or school, they will want to receive information other than those that have just started. Another segmentation can be by career types, or chosen studies, etc.

If we do not carry out this segmentation we will fall into the error of sending e-mail marketing that is not of interest. An emailing about Gamification, sure to be of interest to a student of the master in Gamification and Transmedia Narrative. However, it may not be so interesting for a graduate student in Commercial Customer Management. Easy, right?

Another point that must be taken into account in e-mail marketing is the quality of the content .

# 3 How to create quality e-mail marketing for the university community?

The essential thing is that the content contributes truthful information. In e-mail marketing, we always say that an email should provide something useful to the reader, if it does not, it will open only to reach the low link at the end. By combining segmentation and personalization, you get everything you need to create high quality e-mail marketing. In our day to day, if we know well the people with whom we are accustomed to relate, we can come to deduce their tastes or preferences in certain occasions. In e-mail marketing the same thing happens; The more we know about our database, the better our email will be.

In addition, we must be careful with all that content that we want to include in our emailing; Not much text, not many images. You have to find some balance since the visual factor is one of the most important when judging an emailing. We just have to take care of the aesthetics of our emailing and play with different combinations to find the most appropriate one.

Precisely, the quality of the content is governed, in part, by the information it transmits. Therefore, it is important that we know what we are going to talk about.

# 4 What kind of information can I include in an email?

We used to talk about e-mail marketing because of its versatility, so we can include the information that suits us, as long as it interests our readers.

Obviously, if we want to create a newsletter for the education sector, we must stick to topics that are related to the courses taught in our center. Even so, this does not mean that we can only send topics directly related to the studies in question. Nothing further. We can take advantage of our mailings to inform about all the events that will take place in our center such as exhibitions, seminars, parties or activities of interest to students. We can also include current news related to each master’s or postgraduate course, in this way we will surely provide useful information for our readers.

Finally, we must have a good application that facilitates the entire process and can advise you at any time.

# 5 How do I give a good e-mail marketing application?

Nowadays, there are many applications designed for the creation of mailings. However, most are online, which sometimes is a limitation (incredible as it may seem). Mailify breaks with this limitation, since it is one of the few desktop applications, so it can be downloaded directly to our computer. In addition, the application has a version for both Windows and MAC .

A tool like Mailify guides us during the process of creating our email and also gives us help and support by phone or email whenever we need it.

Marketing can be applied in many different areas, this is a good example; After all, it is about making the most of communication in its most effective form. For this reason, you may be interested in the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy.

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