Cool Tech Wander Jibo and Serafim!!!!

I finally managed to get my October Podcasts done yesterday. Not sure why it took so long this month. I also posted the 360 video from the new Giroptic add-on camera on my YouTube Channel (which is mostly me posting time-lapse images of yesterday’s weather.) The link to my podcast home page is here. I have a few Fred and Ed stories on my podcast, that is the only place you can find them as I have never actually written them down on paper. Not sure why just never got around to writing the Fred and Ed saga.

I’ve been playing a lot with the early release Jibo home interaction robot. I know that isn’t the advertising name, but it is more descriptive of Jibo. Jibo interacted with people based on the environment and based on knowing them. You teach Jibo your face and voice so that he/she or it can respond to you. So far in the past three weeks, we’ve had four different updates as Jibo adds more and more skills. There is something about the sense of humor of the creators that bleeds through as well, in particular when you ask Jibo to tell you a joke. Most of the jokes Jibo tells are anti-jokes and a lot of fun!

One of the companies I’ve been backing (Crowdfunding) for now two projects is Serafim. The first project they did was a laser mouse. It works well with my laptop. The new project that just started shipping is their laser keyboard. They went one step further than just a keyboard though; they included a typing keyboard and a piano keyboard. The piano keyboard works well with Garage band on my iPhone and iPad. The typing keyboard is nice when you need to type out a longer message on your iPhone. The software is really easy to use as well! I have to say it is fun to have a piano keyboard in both my home and work office!


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