Cool Tech Review Logitech Keyboard and Trackball

I recently, after being a Logitech customer for a long time, decided to get a new keyboard. I decided to get the new Logitech Keyboard and while doing so also decided to upgrade or replace my mouse. I was torn between a mouse or a trackball. Years ago as a Macintosh user, I loved my trackball. I decided to try the new Logitech MX ERGO 90 wireless trackball. I also decided to try the new Logitech Craft Keyboard. As a long time customer, they send coupons, so I was able to get both for less than the retail price.

The trackball reduces the wear and tear on my wrist, allowing my wrist to be stable as I use the trackball. The setup was incredibly easy. Logitech has a universal connector that you plug into a USB port on your computer. That universal connector has connection software. You then go in, select add a device, and you have a new device. For the trackball, I like the feel of the rolling ball and the overall buttons. The battery (it is rechargeable) has lasted about six days of ongoing use (every day for at least two hours). The trackball is heavy enough that it doesn’t move on the table I keep it on.

The Craft Keyboard is one I have been looking at for awhile. It is heavier than the previous keyboard I had. Additionally, it is a mix of metal and plastic. Keyboards are 99% the keys, however. The keys to the Craft are easy to use, and they don’t slow me down while typing. The other thing I like is that the keyboard lights up (backlit) when it moves or when you are typing. That allows me to reduce the number of lights in my office by a full set. Full lighting is annoying. Less lighting is even better!

Overall I give the combination of the two devices a 9 out of 10.


What do you think?


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