Cool Tech Review iPhone 7s Plus

Capability Rating Notes Overall Rating Compelling upgrade? YesHow long have I used the tech? 6 years Switched from Android to iPhone after switching to Android from PPC phone.How many upgrades? 5th upgrade

My new rating system and new rating table. Today we are talking about the iPhone 7 plus. I like the larger of the two available iPhones, so I have a little more screen for viewing training and other videos.

My overall impression of the iPhone as a platform:

1. I love the ability to plug in additional resources.

2. The phone continues to improve. The original iPhone was about 90% the phone an android was; I would say they are on par now as far as cellular phone capability.

The two biggest drivers for me upgrading my phone are memory and processor. I use a lot of add-on devices that generate a lot of processing requirements. The top adds one for my iPhone is listed below.

Breathalyzer – just fun to know!

UV and Infrared Camera

Blood sugar monitor

I have others beyond the three, but those are the ones I use every single day! Overall my iPhone experience is exceptional. I like having a phone now, that I don’t have to reset all the time. There was a time, with the PPC when I was backing the phone up and then restoring it, once a week or more. I do not miss those days.

Cellular phones matter for some reasons. They are becoming the only camera that many people carry. They are a way to stay in touch and work where-ever you are. As they continue to expand further and further in what we do every day, the what and how of the actual phone becomes critical!


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    • There were several reasons.
      1. I ran into the reality of a large market product (android) and compatiblity with the things I was doing (working on a project at the time using Accerlometers nad frankly every android has a different one).
      2. I was looking for power, but less me doing upgrades.

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