Comprehensive Options for Sign Management Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a well-known category with many different vendors. ERP solutions that solve the specific requirements for sign company management software are rarer. Read further to discover the kinds of options you should consider if you’re a sign company looking for a comprehensive automation solution.


What Is Required

The goal of implementing an ERP software solution is to significantly improve the process that takes your client from prospect to project account to satisfied customer. Those improvements are both internal to the company and external to the customer. What those process improvements include are:

  • Simple system access to easily add an initial account and subsequent project information
  • Task assignment based on staff capability and availability
  • Scheduling according to assignment and estimated completion time of specific tasks
  • Inventory management to keep projects moving and maintain the right stock of material
  • Project estimating capability for prospects
  • Proposal and contract creation, including proposal revision capability
  • Project status tracking to determine where a project stands at any point in time
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) capability to identify, record, and resolve issues
  • Data management capability so that everything about a project can be found and stored on the system
  • System access reporting to determine who accessed what and when

What Is Desired

A sign management software solution should also provide you with the following:

  • An easy to use solution that’s also easy to learn
  • System builders and designers who really understand your profession, maybe even worked in the business
  • Remote system access so managers can provide clients with up-to-the-minute project status and reporting through different channels
  • System customization to provide the specific requirements of your company’s processes

What Is Assumed

Certain systemic attributes are important for any software to have, but they’re worth mentioning so they don’t get overlooked in the evaluation process. Those attributes are:

  • Employee access control, to be certain only the right people have access to the system or parts of it at the right level
  • A state-of-the-art software solution that will stay current and capable, such as a cloud-based product
  • System integrity to ensure valuable company and client information is not hacked or compromised, and system redundancy to be sure the systems stay up and available

While this is a fairly comprehensive list of sign company management software requirements, your interaction with your service provider will no doubt raise more.


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