Choosing the best Payment Gateway in Dubai for the Business

Considering that almost all businesses are online nowadays, understanding how different gateways or payment processors work may be difficult. Oftentimes, there are only a few differences between the types of online payment gateways, and those who are not very aware of technical nuances might find it challenging to understand these differences.

PayTabs offers secure and fast payment options to businesses and e-commerce websites. Although there are numerous payment gateways to choose from, the best payment gateway in Dubai will offer a comprehensive package and work alongside the owner to ensure smooth integration of the system.

Hosted gateways

Such gateways will redirect the customers to a different site, where customer details are filled out and the payment is processed before returning the customer to the original website. The best aspects of these gateways are that all transactions are secure and PCI compliant, ensuring effective fraud protection. They are very easy to set up and can be customized to suit specific requirements. The drawback, however, is that the merchant does not have much control over the user experience.

API hosted gateways or Application Programming Interface

These gateways offer the customers a secure transaction on the merchant’s website. Customers fill their debit or credit card information on the merchant’s website, which is processed using an API (Application Programming Interface) or HTTPS queries.

The best payment gateway in Dubai offers this mode of payment gateway so that the merchant has control over the customer’s experience and also the UI of the payment gateways. The application can be customized for use on tablets, mobiles, and smaller devices. The major drawback is that the merchants have to separately apply for the purchase of SSL certification and are responsible for PCI DSS compliance.

Self-hosting gateways

These gateways are inserted into the merchants’ websites, ensuring that merchants are able to accept the payments without storing and capturing the customers’ data on the website. The payment details are collected on the merchants’ website and then sent to the gateway’s URL. Some gateways prefer a format, whereas others require a secret key or a hash key to be used.

These systems have some advantages as merchants have control over the payment system and also, the customer is able to complete the transaction on the website without any hassle.

A big drawback of this system is that there is no technical support for this setup. If the system malfunctions, the only option is to hire an expert to assist you or figure out the solution by themselves.

Local Bank

This is ideal for small businesses that don’t have much traffic. In this case, the merchant website directs the customer to the bank site for the completion of transaction. The client is redirected to the merchant’s site after successful payment. This mode does not allow recurring payments of returned payments and is not ideal for wholesalers.

Depending on requirements and volume, an entrepreneur can choose the correct and the best payment gateway in Dubai that is suitable for their business. An API-hosted gateway and self-hosting gateway will work best for large businesses, whereas the smaller ones can choose any gateway that is comfortable and cost-effective.

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PayTabs is an innovative new economy-centric payment solution built to provide buyers and sellers an advanced technology to pay and get paid.

PayTabs offers a hassle-free online payment solution with the will to empower the business of e-commerce especially on the Small and Medium enterprises to allow them to accept credit and debit payments at reasonable rates to grow their business with stronger cash flows, while still providing us a significant profit opportunity. PayTabs also caters to businesses such as Telecommunication and Airline Companies.

PayTabs provides a way of transmitting credit card/debit cards payments in a secure and safe manner through its built-in and third party Fraud Prevention system that transmits transactions with PCI-DSS certified protocols through its advanced, efficient and sophisticated security management layers certified by VISA, and MasterCard.

Paytabs is headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with existing offices in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and India.

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