Chasing bats with infrared cameras…

What is to be is always an interesting question. I know as a technologist that I am always peeking over the horizon. I have some projects I back with the intention of supporting and changing the course of technology. I dabble in technologist well outside my normal areas. In part, because it intrigues me, the art of the possible, but also in part because there is so much more that could and can be done. In the Robert Heinlein novel Lazurus Long, there is a great story about the laziest man in the world. Everyone thought he was truly a genius as he invented some things, but his inventions were designed to make his life easier not to change the world.

The concept of improving technology is often as simple as seeing a problem and changing the solution to that problem. Many years ago I bought a fluke remote temperature sensor and an infrared camera (FLIR) to measure heat loss. Mostly I was chasing a hole in the chimney of our house in Greenwood. Why chase a hole in a chimney? Because as the weather got cooler Bats would visit us inside our house. That hole was how they got in. So I chased it with heat sensors and infrared cameras. I did finally find it, the spring before we sold the house.

Bats are wonderful creatures, just not in the house. The only reason for the not liking them in the house (personally I didn’t care fewer bugs would survive in the house with Bats in the house) was that the rest of my family screamed and hid under blankets shaking. I felt bad for the Bats, they have good ears, and the shrill screaming was probably very painful for them. I spent a month seeking the exact location of the hole. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, mostly sat by the pool with a beer but you get the idea. I did eventually plug the hole.


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