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Why I chase star fish on the beach

I have a plaque from IBM with an OS2 certification on it. I keep it to remind me of the starting point. It is next to my Microsoft Shipit award. You get a plaque piece for every product you help a ship in the product group (I have two) I would have more, but web releases and updates don’t get ship it awards. I am proud of the places I’ve come from professionally. I also have two awards on the wall from my days as a school teacher.

Now, don’t take this as bragging. Like everyone over time, you get things that are reminders of where you started. I have pennants of my favorite sports teams on the wall of my office, and I have images of my family. I also have wall stickers of the Minions from the Despicable Me movies. My starting point as a technologist was learning how things fit together as far as technology.

During the years of my IT career, I have progressed through technologies. In part because I see things evolving and I move towards that evolution naturally. In part because I am a consultant, and you need to be aware of what is happening in the IT world around you. IoT has been my recent passion, the cloud was my big passion earlier in this century, and between cloud and IoT I have sandwiched a lot of time thinking about, helping build and ultimately evaluating the reality of Cloud Brokers. I still believe Cloud Brokers will rise; it seems like the reality of IaaS, and the IaaS market makes cloud brokers more valuable.

Part of the fun of looking at my OS2 certification is a reminder that we were once there. Now, we aren’t there and we’ve moved on. Being aware of where we could go is part of why I love being in IT.


What do you think?

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  1. The cloud broker adds complexity to security requirements and there may be possibilities of conflicts of interest but the advantages do seem to outweigh these concerns. The most probable reason why you are correct that cloud brokers will rise is that they can qualify for volume discounts offered by IaaS clouds. Among the other advantages they can offer reducing cost for the consumer is always a powerful incentive.

    • Thanks, Howard, while I agree with your overall assessment I do take issue with your statement that a broker would increase the complexity of security requirements. In fact, I suspect over time the requirements and capabilities for broker security, as it has in the cloud space over the past 10 years, would greatly outpace the abilities of the on-premise team. IE, cloud today offers better security than 90% of companies do. Complexity impacts excellence a lot less than it does mediocrity.

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