Cell Phone Addiction – 3

When you are outside, at a function, a meeting, on the road, in a room, look at the people.  How many are captured by their so-called ‘Smart Phones’.

They see nothing, hear nothing, are aware of nothing.   Except what is on their phone.

People have had their pocket’s or purse picked, stepped into holes, been mugged, missed seeing a celebrity or a phenomenon, because they were on their phones.

Don’t be on your phone.  Look around.

You are here now.  You are seeing what is happening in real life.  You are experiencing life.    Those on their phones are not.

This is not the old days when the person lives in reality, and comes home and plops in front of T.V.  or a computer screen,  able to differentiate between real and not real.

For many people, what is on that phone is more important than what is happening in real life.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


    • Exactly. It sounds insane, but I have seen people walk others call out, they keep walking and step in a hole. That is the power of the cell phone.